Share Offer

The Dundee Renewable Energy Society Share Offer is now open

We are looking to raise a maximum of £3million in two phases to build a solar meadow.

So far we have raised £2.6million and exceeded our first phase target. A big thank you to everyone who has subscribed for shares. We will be communicating with all subscribers over the coming weeks.

Phase 2 is now open to raise the remaining £400,000 and will remain open until 30 June 2024 unless closed earlier by the Board. We are now giving priority to people living in post codes areas of DD1-DD5.

  • Projected rate of interest then starts at 7% per annum for each of the first four years then 6% thereafter
  • Minimum investment is £100
  • Maximum investment is £50,000

The site is located at Bullionfield, on land owned by the James Hutton Institute, one of the UK’s major research institutes and is situated north of the A90 on the approach to Dundee from the west. The Solar Meadow will consist of 2.59 MW Solar PV panels and is anticipated to generate approximately 2,214 MWh each year. 94% of the electricity generated will be sold to the Institute.

All the contracts with James Hutton Institute and the principal contractor are now signed and construction has commenced.

Due to delays in finalising the contracts the project programme is now running later than intended, with completion anticipated by August 2024.

Updates on construction will be posted to the website.

Click on the links below for full Terms & Conditions. The share offer application process will be carried out by Energy4All Limited. Once you click on the Apply Online tab you will be re-directed to their website.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This share offer is a long term investment in shares to deliver environmental and social impacts as well as a financial return.  As with any investment there are risks.  Your capital is at risk and may not be readily realisable.  Returns are projected and variable, depending on the performance of the project, and are not guaranteed.  Consider all risks before investing and read the offer document.   Dundee Renewable Energy Society Limited is registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act under Registration Number RS007833.